I discovered GNLD products over 10 years ago and have been using them every day.  When I was first introduced to the products, I was really inspired and wanted to try all of them. What inspired me today was reading an article in the New York Times.   If you did not see this recent opt ed column in the NYTimes on May 4th http://www.nytimes.com/2010/05/06/opinion/06kristof.html?scp=3&sq=health%20%20cancer%20chemicals&st=cse, take a minute and read it.

The basic discussion is on how the 80,000+ chemicals used in our environment today and how their toxicity is affecting our health, specifically the increased rate of cancer that we as a society are experiencing.  Yes, our toxic environment is setting us up for trouble.

Are we once again just waking up to the idea to the fact that 80% of cancer is cause by our toxic environment?

Back in the early 70’s Dr. Arthur Furst, distinguished professor at Stanford University and world renowned toxicologist,  concluded his research and reported that cancer was not caused by a virus or bacteria, but the result of increasing environmental contamination. In fact he stated that 80% of cancers are environmentally related.   His ideas at this time were not received well and were called “preposterous” by the U.S. Government.  

So I make this connection here today, in order to urge each and every human to continue to open our eyes and recognize how important our environment is to maintaining good health.   As the New York Times article mentions, our focus should be redirected to prevention.  I continue to be a strong advocate of prevention,  and being very particular about the kinds of food you choose to fuel your body.  It is really important to long term health and the prevention of chronic disease.   What I found particularly disturbing is that babies are being born with chemicals already in there system.  They are born with a health disadvantage that can be avoided!  And this idea that our environment is toxic, is not new!!

Two great GNLD products, developed by Dr. Arthur Furst,  are listed below.

In his search for a cancer treatment, Dr. Furst is responsible for the development of oral chemotherapy – one of the most successful  medical treatments for cancer.  Dissatisfied with the side effects of this traumatic medical solution , Dr. Furst spent many years working on cancer prevention through natural antioxidants such ast GNLD’s breakthrough products:
Betagard http://ww1.gnld.com/pages/BusinessGuide_CD1005/GNLDBusTools_WEB/content/pdf/products/nutritionals/betagard.pdf and

Carotenoid Complex http://www.gnld.com/pages/BusinessGuide_cd1005/GNLDBusTools_WEB/content/pdf/products/vitamins/CarotenoidComplex.pdf .

For more information on how you can use these products to keep you as healthy as can be, contact me at karen@behealthyascanbe.com

Dedicated to Improving Your Health Through Good Nutrtion!!

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