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Headline:  Top-Tier Tutoring Releases Podcast That Discusses How To Lose The Freshman 15

In his latest podcast, Mike Rivera of Top-Tier Tutoring interviews Nutritionist Karen Lee of Montclair, NJ, about diet and nutrition and ways to lose the Freshman 15.

West Orange, NJ, January 23, 2011:  In its latest podcast, Mike Rivera, co-founder, college counselor and tutor with Top-Tier Tutoring, interviews Nutritionist Karen Lee of Montclair, NJ.  Lee offers advice to college students about how to lose the “Freshman 15” and overall diet and nutrition information for everyone.  To listen to the podcast, go to

During the podcast, Lee shares nutrition basics and outlines some potential traps for college students to avoid, such as eating very late at night.  She also identifies certain foods that will increase stress.  Lee recommends never skipping breakfast and getting involved with an exercise program or activity.  The podcast is peppered with Lee’s pearls of wisdom such as “if it comes in a bag or box, eat 1, but if it comes from a plant or tree, eat as much as you want.”

“With the epidemic of childhood obesity in America, many students go off to college without a fundamental grasp of nutrition and diet,” explains Rivera.  He continues: “As a result, students make poor food and lifestyle choices and tend to gain weight quickly.  We feel very strongly that Karen’s advice will help guide college students, and the population at large, toward better eating and overall improved health.”

Top-Tier Tutoring releases several podcasts during the month dealing with issues of interest to high school students and their families.  In order to see a listing of and listen to any of Top-Tier Tutoring’s podcasts, go to  Either listen right on the computer or download the podcast to an iPod.  The podcasts are also available on iTunes and through other podcast directories.

Top-Tier Tutoring is an innovative tutoring and college planning boutique that offers standardized test preparation, college counseling services and tutoring for all high school courses, all on an individual basis.  In addition, Top-Tier Tutoring produces “Ear on Careers,” the web’s premiere career day podcast series, which can be found at  Founded by husband-and-wife duo Mike and Rhonda Rivera, the center is located at 623 Eagle Rock Avenue in West Orange, NJ.  Top-Tier Tutoring is on the web at, and may be reached by telephone at 973-243-1212.


For more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Mike Rivera, please call Rhonda L. Rivera at 973.243.1212, or e-mail Rhonda at

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