Wow, my first real cardio workout in over a year!!  How is that possible, you say.  Well, I finally got myself a heart rate monitor.  Nothing fancy, just a simple one that tells me what my heart rate is.  When I opened the package inside was a book that talked about how to figure out your maximum heart rate and how to workout at a percentage of that maximum to achieve your personal fitness goals, which range from having a healthy heart to running a marathon.  It is not about quantity it is about quality of the exercise you do!  What I personally discovered is that what I thought was giving me a cardio workout was really not!!

So, today I did my first cardio workout, in my personal range,  70-80% of my maximum heat rate.  You too can get a heart rate monitor, put it on and have fun with your favorite cardio workout!!  Get that heart pumping and see how great you feel!!  You’ll sleep better, have more energy, circulate fresh blood throughout your body, minimize sore muscles from your activities!!

To learn more about your heart rate and how to get fit, take a look at this website It came with my heart rate monitor!!

Enjoy and Keep that heart healthy!!

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